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We have a conference coming up next week for all of our senior staff and directors. 

Essentially we recorded a very important zoom conversation (between someone in the US and someone in Australia). The zoom conversation was recorded with OBS software. It involved two people plus our IT consultant who minimised their screen but kept an ear out incase of any technical difficulties. Unfortunately, that IT consultant left his microphone on while he spent the next hour and a half taking IT service calls. Another unfortunate circumstance is that he had not set the recording up to record individual audio streams and therefore we can not isolate and remove his constant background chatter throughout the recording. We have used AUDITION to try and remove his talking but it is very hard to isolate his chatter which is not so different from the two interviewees.

We are desperate for any help or direction. I have linked the MP3 recording below after exporting out of audition, and can provide the WAV file if needed. (there is an initial echo between the two interviewees but this gets better as it goes on)
*I do all the video and photography for our organisation but do not have the technical skills for a problem like this. 
Thanks for any help in advance


audiokid Wed, 04/20/2022 - 08:19

I sure feel for you but have my doubts the background voice in this recording can be removed to any degree with conventional pro audio software. You could try /tags/spectralayers

Being said...  There is video amplification software technology that can replace the audio.

See /tags/michael-rubinstein explain how it can be done with video amplification / visual microphone (/tags/wavesbouncing. I'm sure this technology has been massively improved since 2014.

This will explain how it's done. Hope this helps