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After many years I am looking to reconnect with around 200 akai floppy disks and have questions if you can advise please.

is there a viable route to connect them  to iMac either with a sampler( sold years ago)?

Floppy disks:what is needed to read them and transfer to the iMac? Or what is needed for Sampler to iMac ?


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audiokid Sat, 01/20/2024 - 06:18

Hi Steve,

I've owned a few Akai samplers back in the day and I don't think it's possible for an Apple product to read Akai data in any sort of usable way. Akai was Motorolla/ PC I think but never the less, pretty sure you are out of luck.

Akai finally added external storage ports to some of their samplers so you could use scsi zip drives but still not helpful for what you are needing.

Being said, I could wrong so let's hope someone else chimes in with a solution.