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Buffer and Buffer Setting:
This is an important step in setting up your DAW, and many musicians new to digital hardware may not be aware of its significance. When you attach a sound card (audio interface) to your computer, you will have the option of setting buffer sizes, which will directly affect the latency of the signal through your interface.

Weird noise, skipping when playing back, latency?

The noise you describe is when the audio interface loses sync with the computer-usually due to buffer over runs or latency within the computer itself. Increase the sample buffers to 1024 as a place to start. If that works fine then you can through trial and error lower the buffers until drop out.

The sudden loss of signal in the middle of a track. You would say the signal "drops out" of the track. For a helpful tool to measure your computer latency download DPC Latency Checker. It's easily googled.

  • Setting Buffers and Latency for your Audio Interface

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