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Hey everybody!

I bought the Waves Autotune plugin and come to find out, it isn't compatible with my recording software. I know there is a program called Audacity that is free and was wondering if any of y'all know if I can use the autotune with that. If not, do you know of any other FREE software that I could use this autotune with? I'm not looking to buy a new software because mine works fine. Just something I can use to tune my vocals with.

Thank you all so much and God Bless!

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RemyRAD Wed, 12/14/2011 - 10:03

I think you've double posted here. You've also not indicated what kind of recording software. That sort of saying my car doesn't work and what's wrong with it? The most I could help you with is telling you there is a thingy on your dashboard indicating if your tank is full or empty. Or that you need a key to start it. Did you remember to put the battery in? I mean you could try using the batteries in your flashlight, in your glove box but then your flashlight won't work to help you install the batteries in the dark. And if you manage to do that and the engine still does not start, obviously your engine is bad. Get it? And also if your tires are worn out you probably need a new car anyhow. Perhaps God will intervene on your behalf? He has to he already knows you are having problems. So why are you asking us? Pray your decision-making is intelligent with God's help.

I'm an atheist but you already knew that didn't you?
I'm not a virgin either. But you already knew that also.
The devil herself, RAD.