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Dear Community,

Using Scarlett Mix Control, am I able to map the first two inputs of an 18i20 to output as STEREO for the monitor and analog outputs 1-8?

I am attempting to create an alternate monitor path for a Digidesign/Avid 003 Factory console. The 003 has two 1/4" jacks for the Alternate CR path, I am hoping to use two 1/4" TRS cables to the Scarlett so it will playback to 5 amps connected to passive speakers.

Signal Flow would look like this:

Avid 003 Alt CR Out (1/4") > Scarlett 18i20 Inputs 1&2 > Scarlett Monitor + Outputs 1-8 > amps

Please let me know your thoughts! Peace.


pcrecord Wed, 01/06/2021 - 11:17

There is a few ways to go at it.
What I would do is create different mixes and then assign each mix to the different output pairs..
So in the end you could add different inputs and different levels within those mixes to control what goes to your amps..

On the image you see different mixes then you assign those mixes to outputs in the routing section...

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