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Has anybody had success lifting the tempo up after mix using plugins or is there another way
to do this without the warbling artefacts.
We recorded a song at home and,maybe we were too laxed out when we set the tempo at the start.

I used a time /pitch plugin to speed it up, but the results are warbled .
If it was our own song I would start over, but for this I thought Id give it a go .
BTW , the key remained the same when coming out of the plugin and the tempo
increased by 104 % .

My second attempt was to speed individual tracks up and replay the bass line and put reverb on after.

Id like to know if there is some technique that works, ( I don't have a tape machine, wish I did )

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Smashh Fri, 08/11/2017 - 09:56

Ive just been looking at the elastic time on pro tools, it sounds good enough if only slight change is made.
Changing the pitch will make us sound like chipmunks ( I wanted to speed it up about 9 bpm faster ).

Ive decided to live with a bit of warble and see if `I can hide it as much as possible with modulation plug ins.
and fade out at the end of song when the tail is a dead giveaway

Davedog Fri, 08/11/2017 - 10:49

I am a PTHD owner/user/serf, and elastic audio is my friend. I use it on every production somewhere. The trick is not to overuse it because it will introduce odd little blurbs and iffy sounding reactions in certain instruments. My favorite part is to use it to edit guitars so they sound like they're being played by a number one chair studio cat out of Nashvillage or LALA Land. For the drum tracks I simply line those to the grid.....You did record with a time signature, didn't you?? The thing that's important when using it is to pay complete attention to where the warp bars are being placed. They aren't always where they should be....the computer is sometimes rather random in it's choices.

9bpm is a LOT....BTW.

Davedog Fri, 08/11/2017 - 10:54

Here's something from the DUC on this.

"Drawing or changing tempo in the edit window won't work, X-Form is offline only. I'd suggest first that you should consolidate each track to a single region, uniform in length. I'd also suggest using different algorithms for different material - monophonic and polyphonic depending on the instrument. You select your clip(s), open X-Form from the Audiosuite menu, enter the new tempo, then render. From the comment by upscaps, it's better to have the sends process the stretched material after the fact (as opposed to rendering the AUX tracks and stretching them)"

He's talking about doing each track as an individual track after consolidation and not trying to speed up the entire 2 buss mix. It's going to be a process for sure, but doing it this way is the only way to keep out the anomlies. You will have to suspend all the plugs when you do this process. And then put them back. It's not like you'll have to remix anything, you'll just have to do this without your master going other than as a monitor. Any aux sends you're using to build your stems will also need to be suspended until you're done.

Davedog Fri, 08/11/2017 - 14:19

kmetal, post: 451991, member: 37533 wrote: Melodyne has he ability to alter pitch and timing of polyphonic material in one of their software editions. How well it works, or would work in your case I can't say with any certainty. Just tossing the idea out there.

Yeah it does. Not the tool for what he needs. I use it a lot.


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