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One Last Song

Hi folks,

I posted a month or two back about how I'm getting back into recording. Well, I finally have a rough mix ready for your ears! This is a song I wrote a few years back. The mix still needs a lot of work, and there are a couple small parts I am going to re-record, but I think it's at the point now where it can benefit from some peer feedback. Let me know what you think. General impressions, and also the finer details. The more in depth the better! 

I'm specifically wondering:

Looking for feedback on my Cloud Rap song

Hello everyone,

My name is Choof, I am an indie artist from Ontario, Canada. I just released a new song and am looking for feedback on the vocal mix. I work in Logic Pro, and used EQ, Compressor, De-esser, pitch correction, and a little reverb/chorus on a bus. I also layer my vocals.

I'm very new to mixing my own vocals, so any feedback would be great!



Preparing old songs for release: How does this sound?

Here's the first of two songs. I've remixed these and remastered them for release - I'm living with them for about a week or so before I pull the trigger. Any feedback would be awesome. One handicap is that my reference headphones I usually use to check how they sound in headphones have broken and I'm waiting parts to fix them. So far in my listening environment everything sounds pretty balanced with the vocals pretty upfront. Just need a few more pairs of ears on these. Thanks for your time guys. Any obvious issues?

Many thanks

Lonely Road: V2

STARCHASER by TSOTS... Another high-energy pop/rock song!


We've gotten some great feedback on other songs and thought we'd post another one here. This is Starchaser, the song our album in development is named after. We've been wrestling with this mix for awhile. Would love to hear y'all's thoughts on the mix, the song, etc.!

STARCHASER - The Story of the Sun

Mix song critique

Been a while since I posted a tune. Been at it hard taking knowlege and input from past postings. I finished a record of originals. Should be on spotify and such soon

been working on some new songs

heres a depressing countryish breakup tune for you wolves to tear apart!

any input welcome

My big struggle is learning to use reverbs better.

i think you all cured my over compression habit

love using the multiband plugin on Studio One. Just presets

Ps. Im loving Studio One Pro! Getting better every day

25 to Life - my first Hip Hop Song

First I'd like to say that I'm a newbie here, I have read the rules of this part of the forum, and I was delighted that this is for real musicians with real instruments and real equipment.

I was a member of the UK musicians union for many years and their motto is Keep Music Live, and so it is that this song is my first of many that I'll post here for honest, constructive critique, even if you don't care for the genre, any improvements will be considered, not necessarily undertaken...producer's perogative I guess.



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