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hello i'm Ragnar and i'm new here!

i know that this question has been brought up many times but still I'm going to ask

I have a 002r and ada8000 connected via ADAT (see more detailed gear list at: Controlling the transmission of Impact sound through floors).

now I would like to buy a good mic preamp for my MXL v69, so if you would assist me choose a good preamp for vocals?

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JesterMasque Mon, 10/29/2007 - 16:00

Ok, first off I must say ANY preamp that you connect should not go through the ADA at all.

There are multiple options for preamps. If you want a nice colored (colored means that the preamp will add a bit of its own character to the sound that enters) tube preamp the Universal Audio Solo/610 will run you about $800. It is only single channel.

A VERY nice transparent class A transformer preamp would be the Chameleon Labs 7602. Again, it is only single channel. They also make a 7622 which is a dual channel for the same price. The difference is that the 7602 is essentially a channel strip with a sweepable-midrange EQ. The 7622 lacks the EQ, but still retains the phantom power, phase inverter, and DI/mic modes with two fully independant channels.

The greatest difference between the UA and CL is obviously the EQ or the dual channels (depending on which you pick). I have used all three in the studio, however I, myself, bought the 7622 because I like having the power of two channels of the same preamp, to keep things consistent, and the CL products, overall, gave a thicker bottom end and a fuller mid range, whereas the UA Solo seems to focus more on the top of the low end and the high-mids.

The experiment was done using a B-52 combo amp with both distortion and clean settings. The chain was an Audix i5 -> Digi 003r -> Mac G5 -> Pro Tools 7.

BobRogers Mon, 10/29/2007 - 16:17

bigmac wrote: Transparent or coloured? don't know what it is :s

Transparent: Harmonically neutral. Adds no modification to the sound other than amplification.
Colored: Changes the character of the sound in some (hopefully good) way. Includes terms like "vintage" or "warm"

so should I connect to insert 5?

Yes. Or 6,7,8.

I assume from your web site you are looking to use this for recording indie/alt rock vocals?

RemyRAD Tue, 10/30/2007 - 00:33

Nice preamp = API 312/512. The 312 is a card and will require a soldering iron, connectors and power supply. The 512 is in a box with a power supply and ready for lunch.

Or you might want to purchase a modified and repackaged Neve 1272 in the form of a microphone preamplifier from any number of folks out there. Classic character with a refined sound and continuously biased transistor class A operation.

This is all great for rock-and-roll. You'll know the sound when you hear the sound.

In the know
Ms. Remy Ann David