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Line ins before mic preamp on some mixers

I noticed that many mixers such as the Behringer hard wire their line inputs (without even a switch) in parallel with the mic input to the mic preamps. Yes, they do have a drop resistor but that's all. My concern is that the signal is being dropped and then amplified back up - thus adding another stage and more noise. No switch also means both a mic and a line source can be both "on" at the same time. I was thinking of adding a small switch and routing the line input to just after the mic preamp. Here I am just looking for reactions and suggestions.

Lucid R3-- transparent mic preamp with optional jfet based harmonic drive

Lucid R3-- transparent mic preamp with optional jfet based harmonic drive. As well it has a tuneable high pass(5hz to 1khz), tuneable low pass(20k to 500hz), polarity,phantom power and de-pop circuit.

The power supply is a regulated LC filtered linear supply with emi noise filtering, surge and transient protection(+-18vdc and 48v). The phantom power has its own transformer to avoid pulling down the main rails when using older mics. The power supply noise is less than 1mv peak to peak.

Microphone/preamp upgrade questions.

Hi guys,
Here's a gear question: Is a RODE NT2A a big step up from an AUDIO TECHNICA AT2020 as far as sound quality? If I want to track in stereo, does a pair of mics aimed toward that end such as the AKG perception 107s work better than if I simply buy a second AT2020 (that is mostly for stereo acoustic guitar and drum ohs) ? How can I figure out if the mic preamps that I'm using are too cheap for my mics or vice-versa? What pays off more in the long run: upgrading the mic preamps/interface, upgrading to a better sounding mic, or upgrading to a more versatile mic?

What Mic and Preamp Should I get?

Hello, Im Don Jaye. I want my vocals to be crystal clear with a little warmth.

- I have a Apogee Duet 2 going into Logic Pro
- avantone c12
These two are not getting me the professional sound I'm looking for.

I will ONLY be using this chain for vocals and my budget is 2,000.

I was thinking of the Neumann tlm 102 and maybe a UA 610 for preamp.

I have a high tenor like voice with a lot of natural warmth to it.
Examples: Michael Jackson, Justin timberlake, Bruno Mars. etc

Here is a cover I did: