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Just curious to see if any of our RO members have used Bock/Soundelux Microphones..?
If so, which model(s) have you used, and what do you think about them?
If you have ever used real 47's, ELAMS or U67's, how do you think the Bock/Soundelux reproductions compare?
I've been looking at them, they aren't exactly cheap, either...
I'm just curious to learn more about them


Davedog Sun, 09/24/2017 - 11:09

I own a U195 Soundelux although it's a transition mic from the Soundelux brand to Bock. It is way better than most other mics in it's price range. My studio mentor has a new iFet Bock thats incredible and a friend has a Soundelux 250 which is as has been described.

I also have an original U87, I also have that one-off build from Cathedral Pipes of a U67 which is beyond good.....My editor owns an original ELAM 251 which sounds unlike anything else I've heard... I have two more clones...A U47ish clone with M249 circuitry with a GK49D ADK Custom shop capsule built into an ADK TT mic and an ELAM 251 clone which is the 250 circuit married to an ADK Custom shop GK12D capsule again on a TT mic. Are they accurate to the originals they are emulating? They sound great and have the over-all aspects of what makes these iconic mics what they are.....The 47 is dark and detailed and warm.....the 251 is bright and in your face without being harsh....

I think that David Bock has a handle on building very high quality mics that sound and look great. Notice that he doesn't spend any time on SDCs.

I gotta say this in light of everyone search for that "desert island" mic....414's are a good bet as are SM somethings, but the Bock U195 will get you a LOT of captures that won't require a bunch of futzing around with at mix..... And a WAY better vocal mic than the 414's as a rule.