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I was in my local music store asking about the Shure SM7b when they tell me that the Heil PR40 is a better mic for less money.
When I Google the name there are a lot of positive reviews for both the PR30 and PR40.

Anybody have experience with these?


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moonbaby Mon, 06/15/2009 - 12:31

I have a couple of PR40's, PR30, and a PR35. Very good mics, depending upon the application. All are good on vocals, the 40 handles kick and bass amps VERY well, the 30 is fine on amps and some horns. The 35 is great on gutsy chick, err, female singers, and snare as well. I was a bit leary of these at first because Bob Heil has been known as Mr. Hype for over 30 years, but these are pretty darned good.