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I may have come across a real gem!

I read some threads on here about boom mic stands and it seemed that there weren't a lot of great ones. except of course for the one that is being produced by a member here on the boards ;)

I saw one in the Jauary 2003 issue of RECORDING For The Practicing Musician. It showed at the AES Convention and it looked, to me, to be very promising.

It's called "The Ghost Boom Stand" made by S.E. Electronics (me thinks) and their smallest one stands at 12'6" and goes for $199.00

I personally wasn't able to find this thing for sale anywhere on the web. There is a picture and short description of it in one spot but that was it.

So I start reading about boom stands (cause' I gotta throw up my newest purchase, Earthworks SR71's:cool:for an ensemble recording) wondering if I want to get a "flimsy" On Stage one or get that nicer Shure one (which I don't think is a boom) cause I Shure ain't gonna be coffing up $1000.00 for that super duper Atlas. And even if I could...would I be strong enough to carry it?

I go to ebay and scroll through the pages until what do I find but...Item #2514072157

Which, as it turns out, is one of those new killer extremely reasonable Ghost Boom Stands!

It's on it's way and I hope it turns out to be pretty good. You can see the specs of it for yourself by copying the Item#, go to ebay and paste it in the search function.

NOTE: If you're interested in buying one then send Lisa an email and she will knock $20.00 off the ebay price for you!

I'll post when I get it and let you know if it's quality.

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