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Tama - Iron Works Studio, mic stands


Shout out to Tama as they are supporting RO now. Looking through their hardware line-up called Iron Works, I see solid looking stands we might be interested in. I never seem to have enough stands, these look well made and well suited for tight spots.
If anyone gets a chance to use this stuff, please share your opinions. The tripod cast base straight stands caught my eye.

Desktop mic stand w/ good weight holding and long boom


So one thing that I'd like to be able to do is have a mic stand on my desktop whose base is a few feet away from my sitting position with a boom that extends all the way toward me for singing and maybe another one for a stereo mic stand. This would be convenient for practicing and reviewing practice, or maybe for making youtube videos or something.

Mic Stands - Small footprint for a heavy mic?


I have been putting my RODE K2 on a [url=link removed A50[/url]. I noticed on another thread someone calling the K2 a "boat anchor" and I quite agree. The A50 does a great job keeping the K2 nice and stable, but it takes up a lot of real estate in my small studio. Does anyone have a suggestion for a stand with a smaller footprint that's still pretty stable.