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hello there. i put another post similar to this one up before but this one is more specific.

if a handheld vocal mic has a polar chart like this one c/index.html

(if the link doent work its the audio-technia ae6100)

is it not giving a false reading of its off axis rejection as it has an added ring(worth 5db's)? because with the added ring your not actually counting directly from its on axis point at 0%
i.e. at 120% and at 1kHz the mic is not 30 db's down but in fact 25 ?(minus the added ring)

if so is it the same case with this mic

Sound Devices MP1
(if link doesnt work its the Audix om5)

at 2000Hz the mic isn't down by 30db's but 25 for the same reason as the first mic polar chart?

much thanks,R :)

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Kev Sun, 04/23/2006 - 17:19

Sound Devices MP1

the added ring you refer to is the extention of the scale
the scale is relative
relative to the on axis and 1k reading
you could argue that the +5dB ring is of no value ... for this mic
but it may contain data for other types of mics

that extra ring is the +5dB scale and the main reference ring is 0dB and then comes -5 - 10 -15 etc ...