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Triggering my live cowbell off snare in Sequoia

I LOVE tracking cowbell as I am among other things a percussionist but sometimes the snare hits are off (cause it can't possibly be me) ;>) and I can't read minds. Ha ha! So how do I trigger my cowbell off the snare so I don't have to line them up. Is this possible without a sampling plug in? :>) Thanks.

Studio setup advice with an off sided window

I have a 11 x 13 x 9ft ceiling room with a front window that covers most of that wall. My problem is when I center my mixing position on this window wall as I have been advised to do by other designers, I get one speaker in front of the window and one on what's left of the wall. So one speaker on window and one on a wall.

Norway is first country to turn off FM radio and go digital-only

By Timothy Revell

Norway will be the first country to start turning off FM radio. Over the course of 2017, the FM radio network will slowly be switched off, with listeners only able to listen to digital programmes instead.

The northern county of Nordland will cease to broadcast FM radio from tomorrow, with other regions following suit throughout the year.

Thread spin off - mixing with and without "stuff"

This is a spin off of the converters thread that seemed to have gone off the rails - particularly in relation to certain plugin processors - to use or not to use; are standalone converters necessary, who uses what during their mixes, and lastly, whether or not anyone wants to partake of a mix of a project of mine (that has been giving me fits).

Determine the cut off frequency of any filter formed from output impedance and input impedance

Say you have a piece of electronic equipment which has an input impedance of 1Megohms, and an input capacitance of 10 picofarads as determined by a ceramic capacitor across the input resistor. This obviously creates an RC impedance filter which will act on any AC entering the device. now pocketing MORE than 55% off indie CD's!

Anyone who sells CD's via Amazon's Advantage program knows that Amazon pockets an EXCESSIVE 55% of the list price. You get to set the list price and they pay you 45%. Well now it's gotten WORSE! They've started charging customers MORE than list price. Two of my CD's are set to $8.99 list price but sneaky Amazon is charging $9.45 and $10.67!