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Alright, I was given a Shure SM 61 by my stepfather who is a professional musician and retired college music director. I have a live stream video podcast from my home studio. I run my audio through a Rodecaster Pro and I use Sterling SP 150 SMK condenser mics, of which I have three. I'm not well versed in audio. when I started the show, I had a producer who assured me I didn't need to learn any of the production or post. Well, he went through aa divorce and began taking two weeks to finish post, so I told him to get lost and decided to figure out how to live stream. I'm dialed in now, produce and host the show 100% live. I recently rewired a MM 60th Anniversary Strat and have a Washburn HB-35 and I use an Orange 35 RT with a Klon clone I got from China for $41 instead of $7k. I've changed my input for the SM 61 to dynamic, turned off the phantom power, and plugged it into a brand new XLR cable and I've got nothing. I'm guessing I'm missing something, but there is not a lot of info out there on these things...only a cheesy 2 page manual. I'm about to dive into it and check wiring. I'm pretty adept at soldering and tracing wires, but I thought I'd put out the hail mary on here. I've found if I can avoid tearing into something that I know nothing about, it's usually better to ask somebody for some help prior to making a mess. Any info is appreciated. 


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paulears Thu, 04/07/2022 - 08:08

I've got a couple of 61's and a couple of 63's and I really like them. If the 61 was good enough for Karen Carpenter's voice, good enough for me. Seriously though they don't suffer from proximity effect and are actually nice sounding - close in they aren't too bad though a PA either, but obviously being omni, it's less gain before feedback.

audiokid Thu, 04/07/2022 - 09:39

Hi Michael, welcome to our community.

What is your podcast about? You are welcome to share your link if its related to audio!

  • There is more info on the SM61 here as well.
  • If you have a chance to do any sm61 audio comparisons, please share/ upload them for us.

kmetal Fri, 04/08/2022 - 20:25

It's possible a wire has a broken connection, but first have you tried another cable? Are you sure the mic pre gain is up, and mic firmly plugged in on both sides? Fader up for the channel? If you plug another mic in to that channel does it work?