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Quick and Dirty Recording

I had to fix my computer - lost the licences in a silly mistake, so to check all was back up and running - I tried recording some stuff and it sort of turned into a song - The only mics I'd not taken to the other studio were two very old Shures - SM61 and 63 - both omnis. quite a bit of wind noise and a bit poppy, but not really much I could have done without going and getting some stuff.


Shure SM 61


Alright, I was given a Shure SM 61 by my stepfather who is a professional musician and retired college music director. I have a live stream video podcast from my home studio. I run my audio through a Rodecaster Pro and I use Sterling SP 150 SMK condenser mics, of which I have three. I'm not well versed in audio.

Shure SM61 - Anyone got one or had one?

I watched a Carpenters documentary and Karen Carpenter was using a Shure SM61, and a white one to be accurate. We all know her voice pretty well and looking at the spec, it was advertised as omni, and impervious to pops, blasts and wind noise, and looks good on stage/TV. I wonder how useful they'd be today?