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I have started a podcast with a good friend entitled "My Mac Guys"

After going through Garageband (we lost a track due to corruption), Amadeus (worked great, but decided to start recording with two mics and needed multi track sessions) We have finally worked out a set up we love with his MBox and Pro Tools 6.4

Now, the next step is to be able to record our Skype calls as an additional track. Up until now we have been outputting skype to a external powered speaker that is placed near one of our mics, it works but it is clumsy and the quality is obviously not as good as it can be.

So my question is:

How do I take the audio created on my laptop through Skype and send it to the mBox where it can be seen as another track?

Or do I send it yo his laptop directly (My first impulse is to send everything through the mBox)

The Skype calls are being originated on my Powerbook G3 which has a stereo mini headphone and mic jack on. The MBox is hooked up to my partners Powerbook G4 running Pro Tools 6.4.

Any and all input greatly appreciated.

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anonymous Fri, 08/12/2005 - 16:50

I am not at my set-up right now, but we could not get any input except the mic's to show up in Protools via the M-Box. I wish I could be more specific right now, but two people (not sound pros, but very computer literate) spent an hour trying to get it stright thru the m-box, but never got a signal. A good friend who works for KCRW radio said it ain't worht it unless you use a little mixer of some kind.

When I get the system back up I will try again,

Thanks for all the feed back,