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I am contemplating buying EZ drummer, but I am tempted to buy BFD 2.0 since I got this 30% off coupon. I need something to replace my not-so-cutting-edge-anymore Roland R8m.

A few things in favor of EZ drummer:
Already so much better sounding than the Roland R8m
Good enough for getting started and writing my own stuff, which is the primary use.
The interface of EZ drummer makes more sense than that of BFD-Lite that came with the mBox2.
It will work on my MacBook too so I can prepare drumtracks without firing up the whole home studio.
I can still upgrade to Superior 2.0 and have a familiar interface to work with and just about the same features as BFD 2.0

So I am asking anybody who works with the latest versions:
Am I missing out a whole lot not buying BFD 2.0?
How would you compare Toontrack S2.0 (not EZ) and BFD 2.0? From the demos I believe they're pretty close, though it seems BFD needs a stronger computer.

My PC: Gigabyte GA-K8NF9 nForce4, AMD X2 3800+, 2GB RAM, 3x 320GB SATA HDDs, 1 internal bay left open for a 4th SATA HDD if necessary.

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anonymous Tue, 07/29/2008 - 06:56

EZDrummer and BFD 2 are very different products. EZDrummer is meant for quick/good sounds without a whole lot of flexibility for different sounds.

Comparing BFD 2 to Superior 2.0 is a much more matched comparison. In terms of sounds, Superior Drummer is geared more toward hard rock/metal with the drum samples more "processed." BFD 2 has a little bit more of a raw drum sound. It takes a little work to get to the polished sound. That can be either a plus or minus for you.

The one thing BFD 2 has that Superior doesn't is the ability to run standalone and has a built in sequencer to build your drum beats.

Me being a metal guy...I'd do Superior. I currently own EZDrummer and BFD 1.5 with the Joe Barresi Evil Drums expansion. I'm not able to get drum sounds I like from BFD right away. It takes a little work. EZDrummer always makes the cut. And BFD is a resource hog.



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