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BFD Drums

Man...If only the hi hats were more realistic. BFD3/Roland demo

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12 years 4 months
came across this while I'm watching tutorials on BFD and a bunch of others. I can totally 'live with this' level of realism and quality lol. The snare roll articulations are remarkable imo. Maybe I've just getting tricked by excitement on my part or hype of my speakers or the video.

The hi hat abrupt close is a bit of a sore thumb, being too loud, and quickly decaying/choking too obviously. Tone that back a bit, smooth it out, and man.

The ability to tune the enviornment and ambience is downright amazing.

BFD2 + Samplitude problem [noob in VSTs]

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11 years 6 months
Hey guys, I just installed BFD2, to use in Samplitude, the install was ok, with all the updates, etc.

It works perfectly in standalone mode, but as a plugin-vst, despite it works, there is no sound. I can choose instruments etc, but there is no sound. I enabled the Midi button, tried to route them to the notes in Samplitude's piano roll, and nothing turned out.

Am I doing something terribly wrong?

BFD with Nuendo

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21 years 2 months
I am thinking of getting BFD and already use Nuendo. While speaking to a friend the other day, he told me that there were compatibility issues with these two programs. Have any of you had experiences with Nuendo and BFD? If so, are there tips and tricks you would be willing to share. I really don't want to compromise Nuendo in any way. Thank you in advance for your time and knowledge.

Best drum pad controller for BFD2

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21 years 2 months
Doing searches for the best drum pad controller for BFD2 looks like it may be the Korg padKontrol. I actually want to use this with UBS direct.

Here is some piece of info for you:
I never thought of this but for those of you having latency issues with any USB controller, having a good power supply might be a really good thing to have plugged in, instead. Relying on your PC to power a usb controller that needs quick action and heavy polyphony, can have issues with timing out and tracking from the lack of power.