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"Brown Haired Ordinary Looking Girl" Who We Are

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We shot the video as we fooled around making the song. It's from several different sessions put together in a conglomeration.

Thought I'd share in in multimedia fashion. All comments/thoughts about the audio warmly welcomed. We recorded this (obviously) over last winter, along w/ 9 other tracks.

C***d slammed the brakes on forward motion in production of the collection by early March, and we've been limping along attempting to wrap up the final production work on the pieces ... still chipping slowly away at it 6 months later.

As we start to close in on the final mixes, I'll post more of the material here, in hopes to gather the invaluable comments from folks whose ears I've come to very much trust. You all help me apply the final polish, and it is wholly appreciated.

The tracks were recorded in the very rooms you see in the video, with the drums isolated in a big empty bedroom, and the other 3 of us on headphones in my "studio" space at the top of the stairs. The house is my place. :D

Enjoy the vid!