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Hi all,

Wrote and recorded this today - very heavy Alice in Chains influence:


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DogsoverLava Sat, 08/17/2019 - 12:04

First - that's a pretty awesome accomplishment all round from writing, performing, and recording....

The one thing my ear is looking for maybe (as an AIC fan) is that distinct singular vocal that was usually Layne.... you've got the whole track layered with vocals which makes the narrative journey of following the vocal a bit like going through the jungle with heavy bush -- it holds you back and makes the journey more difficult. I think if you could allow the lead vocal to escape some of the harmonies once and a while and it would give the track more lift and make the narrative journey less arduous.... Does that make sense at all? No doubt about it - this is excellent excellent work - and a pretty damn cool song I'd be proud to say I wrote and recorded - but I feel it's burdened by weight.