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Below is link for details of release of Logic Pro X 10.3. Lots of enhancements and fixes.

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Brother Junk Thu, 01/19/2017 - 16:31

"Apple Loops in projects with sample rates higher than 44.1 kHz now play back at the correct speed when Flex is enabled on their tracks."

This has been a problem for seemingly forever. I'm glad they fixed it. It's not just apple loops, if I make a loop and save it to Apple Loops (it's very convenient) it's almost useless.

That would make me consider using it more.

Brother Junk Fri, 01/20/2017 - 07:59

I forgot about the panning. Although my complaint is different than yours. I usually just compose with it and then ship it to PT for editing.

But the panning on it almost worked like with headphones. It was very "all or nothing." -7 is 10:30-ish, and I don't even remember how high it goes, but it's much further, maybe 25-ish?. But even at -14, the track already sounds pinned to the far side.

It was very weird, considering there was another 10 units of panning on deck. And if you try panning with headphones (which is difficult anyway) it's ridiculously weird.

Every complaint I have about it, is in there. It's still not my favorite work flow, but that's just my personal preference. If they fixed the loops issue (like, REALLY fixed it) it's a great daw...and very cheap.


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