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Maybe it`s better to wait a bit now...

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Hi friends.

Everybody is so fuzzy about the new gear and software these days.
I do some home recording and professionally do some session too,so at home I use Cubase 5.0 and nowdays lots of studio where I do session work(guitar/bass) use Pro Tools,it was a trill to read about the M-Box but not without a little deception when I realized it was not a Firewire thing instead of USB,also it does not mention Mac OS X compability,I love Digidesign`s software but these are complex days in the computer-based-audio-recording industry,times of great progress and a Mac user,time to wait for new aps for Mac OSX...I`d like some feedback from you guys on this issue,the M-Box here serves only as an example.

Have fun.


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Guest Sun, 04/07/2002 - 19:39
I am staying with the system I bought 4 years ago..(Pro Tools Mix + TDM)


Mac (still using old one)
SCSI / firewire??
96k - storage space???
Native / DSP card system?

I think I could use it for upto another 2 years with little problems....

For starting with a DAW you have to 'jump in' but for upgrading..... it depends on a lot. For example - I dont have clients breathing down my neck for 96k. (yet)


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21 years 3 months

archived member Mon, 04/08/2002 - 17:01
Yeah man! Four years that`s a very solid time .Everybody should care more about getting the best from the gear instead of spend time and shopping around for new gear every few weeks(days???)...Although it`s always fun to read about new stuff(and help those magazines sell...)I hope I can remain solid to my gear for at least these four years of yours (they sound like four decades to me...) nowdays sounds like a big challenge...
Good luck for the next four years...