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Hi I'm just mixing inside the box right now but i was planning on buyin a Neve 8816 summing mixer. My setup right now is an Apogeerossetta hooked up to a digi 003. My question is should i route out using the 8 Apogeeconverters; or used the 8 digi outputs plus the 8 rossetas, or is it real worth it to buy another rossetta.

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Kev Tue, 06/17/2008 - 14:47

with the 003 I don't see how you can use more than 1 Rossetta(800) with lightpipe at a time

unless you mean for two channels out the SPDF
does it have an SPDF port ?

yes you should use the 8 from the apogee via the pipe AND the 8 from the 003
giving 16 analogs into the neve 8816 summing mixer

the neve 8816 summing mixer is a pretty heavy investment and I think the money is better spent on more Mics and Mic-pres ... upgrade the monitoring