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Hi all,

After rediscovering it, I have been listening to Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm non stop for the last few months so to get it out my system I made a vocal cover of it. Such a great song.

Feedback welcome:



DogsoverLava Sat, 07/27/2019 - 12:34

A few great songs by this band for sure - a bit sad that the band fell apart and the singer seemingly descended into alcoholism for a long time... sad particularly because Superman Song was nearly a national anthem for us in Canada.... If they had stayed healthy and relevant they might have been able to maintain or engineer a career through till today.

Late 90's -- my now wife and I were sitting in a late night coffee shop and Superman song came on.... and like a perfectly choreographed movie people started (one after the other) singing along with the song as it unfolded... adding a new voice every few seconds (tentatively at first) and by the time the song finished everyone was sing full voice (complete strangers).... just magic. When I lived overseas in the mid 90's Canadians would sing along to all these songs. It was funny listening to other people (and their accents) humming Mmm Mmm Mmm --- lots of fun.

The mmm mmm song is great for its imagery and sentiment -- just so emotionally resonant.... so great choice. Man does the singer have a unique voice right? Great for us Bass Baritone guys - but it was also so stylized - with the deep resonant chest rumble. That's a tough one to pull off. I thought you did a great job with this. You took a middle ground approach which was cool. He also had a really interesting style of phrasing - with some really interesting articulations. You did really good acknowledging those too.

I think the challenge for lots of singers when singing a song that was originally sung by a very unique and stylized voice is to decide how much to mimic the voice and style, and how to put your own thing in there too. Like I said - I thought you did great getting a balance between the two and extra points for digging out this great Canadian song for us to hear. Thanks for posting. I always enjoy your stuff.