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hey guys i need a decent pair of pa speakers...right now i have (4) 21" madison executionerX subs going off of 2 crown xls-602b's...i don't want everything to drowned out with the bass...please recommend me a decent pair of pa's or 4 speakers if needed...I'm just trying to get ideas on stuff that would work...thanks...

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anonymous Mon, 02/21/2005 - 16:01

Need good PA speakers?

Your subs sound impressive in size so it sounds like you need some extra good mid-hi cabs, and it would be nice if they would be a full range for use alone if desired.
I have three pairs of speakers which I would recommend after 30+ years in music, concert and recording. Since I recently retired i am willing to sell these.
candidate #1: EV Sx300 300W RMS 12" 2-way. Most popular EV speaker of recent decades for portable sound. 65x65 horn for less reverb and xtra projection. Titanium horn driver diaphram for best possible high end reproduction. Molded ultra-compact cabinets with handles, stand mount & flying points (nuts), and metal speaker grill. This is the second version and includes added cabinet support for resonance minimization. I've used these as stand alone and mid-hi and unless you're doing major concerts you couldn't find a better cab. I also enjoyed the easy setup and surprised clients when they heard them.
They are in store demo condition. I have forked adapters that hold two speakers on one stand and the following pair also. I don't know your subs or your Crown amp but for flexability of room shapes, and from experience, recommend one per sub. These speakers will also stack and that increases thier projection and width of pattern.
Sx300 pair $890
candidate #2: Sx200 origional model of above - same specs except internal cabinet changes
Sx200 pair $790

candidate#3 CGM custom 15" 2-way trapazoid black carpet cabinets, built for our rentals. 90x40 titanium diaphram horn over 250W Emminence cast frame speaker. Built in stand mount and metal grill.
MMCGM 15/2 pair $490
Good amp(s): also have 2 QSC PLX1600 amps - lightweight - best brand for dependability record, up to 1600W output. ea $585

Anything else you need in PA or lights?
morlocman 573-783-6086

anonymous Tue, 02/22/2005 - 08:45

For the past 25yrs or so,Ive played (live)through various systems and speakers,three way,two way, etc...
Between mine and the drummers equipment,we have three different pa systems,(real big,big and small systems).
The one I use the most is a simple system,1 CS800 for mains with a Peavey 15band stereo eq---------------what makes the system work so well, with one being a Mackie mixer,the other and most important,are the Genz-Benz speakers (I kid u not),there loaded with 2-15s ,a kick ass horn,and a built in crossover thats set at the right settings for live performances(running full range)
I push the living crap out of the system,and the speakers deliver 8-) --------------I swear on Hendrixs Grave-----------those speakers are the best Ive ever used 8-) 8-)

anonymous Mon, 02/28/2005 - 17:54

Hello, I am new to this forum, and I wanted to make a suggestion about a particularly special speaker cabinet. Here is the site:

I recently purchased a set of their SR-823 speakers which have to be heard to be believed. These cabinets have the most accurate reprduction of acoustics across the entire spectrum from low to high. The midrange of these speakers is very wide and robust. They are truly high-end in quality, worth every cent.

Yes, they are quite pricy, but equal in sound quality. I am not that great at describing sound, so go check out the reviews and information about them to get all the info. I am simply blown away and brought to my knees when I listen to these. I then thank Lou Hinkley at Daedalus for a great gift to the audiophile community.

anonymous Tue, 03/01/2005 - 09:48

mike_anthes wrote: ok...ill get 4 of the yamaha s115v' for an amp...would you get the crown ce1000 or the ce2000...i was thinkin the ce2000 and turning the gains down a bit...

I have a rack system that houses 2 CE2000s and 1 CE1000 for monitors----Ive never had a problem with them as of yet,there great amps for the money.
I have learned though,that it takes a good mixing board with decent preamps(Mackie)to make the amps deliver 8-) .
The CE2000 gets the job done,but I would save youre pennies and get the 4000 :shock: