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Female TRS wall jack for a speaker connection?

Hi, I'm currently wiring up a couple of panels for a wall in a studio sound booth. The panels are already loaded with female XLR and female horizontal TRS jacks. I would like to designate one of the 1/4" TRS jacks for an amplifier to speaker cabinet connection.
Can I use one of these existing female 1/4" TRS jacks for a speaker connection if I wire it with two conductor stranded 16 awg? Or will I need to replace the jack specifically with a speaker 1/4" jack?
The remaining jacks will be wired with shielded three conductor 22 awg.

Amp or speaker problem.

Hello Everyone,
I'm brand new to the forum so be gentle. I hope I'm in the correct area to asked this question.
I have a powered monitor and it powers up, and sound comes out, but the volume is very low and it is distorted. How can I determine if the problem is the speaker or the amp?
If it's the amp, what would be the most logical problem.
I have an electronic background, but it's been 30 years since I've used it.
Thanks in advance.

Speaker 'burning in' - debunking the debunk?

Cards on table - I have very little support for the hi-fi fraternity with their anti-physics viewpoints on all kinds of crazy thing, including the need to have to burn in loudspeakers.

I'm now having to think very hard to explain a recent experience. I thought I'd share it to see if anyone else has views on what is happening here.

Zoom H1 weird stereo issue on speakers

I started recording with the Zoom H1 but noticed a weird issue when I played it back on the speakers (Macbook Pro)

The right speaker (channel) was way more dominant than the left.

So I split the channels to test it out.. now there's a clear difference between the left and right channel, even though visually it looks almost identical in Audition.
And the worst thing is, the playback sounds different on the Macbook speakers, on my iPhone and also on headphones.

This is the sample recording:

Chinese Rogers LS5/3 boxes and complete speakers

It might be of interest that the Chinese are now building empty boxes and complete speakers to the old BBC design. No idea what they're like - but have a look own Aliexpress. Crossovers and the boxes look pretty nice, but they're not cheap, but for anyone unable to make nice looking boxes, they could be worth a look - especially if you like tweaking.

Speakers or DAC what to upgrade next (1k budget)

I'm thinking of what my next move should be as far as putting my new basic rig together, besides the seemingly endless computer parts. right now I'm rocking an Avid eleven, and Focusrite scarlett solo interfaces, and Alesis monitor one speakers, with an avantone on the shortlist, and a Bose home theater, and various Bluetooth and computer speakers. this rig is a transitoinal rig, to use while the house is getting remodeled, and while i archive my old media. its a cross between general listening, problem checking, and getting demo materials together for eventual finished songs.