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I'm rearranging all of my albums into new collections.

Over the years, my pattern of releasing material has generally leaned towards, "What I have completed so far up to the date", and it has led to a somewhat haphazard piecemeal approach to the collections, resulting in albums that on occasion paired Metallica with Cat Stevens in collection presentation - odd pairings to say the least.

A comprehensive step back, plucking from here and there among the works to achieve a more "cohesive" assemblage - along w/ remixing and remastering - and in some cases, re-arranging the works completely, was (to my mind) called for.

It's not like I'm conflating "Dark side of the Moon" w/ "Wish you were here" - in mish mosh of treasured art works.

I'm an unknown artist, and I can do whatever I fuckin' want. Image removed.

"Retrospectful (redux)" (Respect to retro) hearkens back to the songwriting style of the 70s. Think Beatles White Album, Eagles, or James Taylor and similar whatever.

So ... no need to comment individually on any track. I'm looking more towards:

  • > Do all the selections work together - even in sequence?
  • > Does the collection flow well from front to back?
  • > Is it "paced" well? Does it plod or slow too much in any one place or another?
  • > Does the mastering work - meaning do any tracks appear too loud/too soft against the other?
  • > Is there any piece you'd take out?

Stuff like that.

There will be snacks! Image removed.

I'm not kidding. Anyone who comments and helps is free to download the release. LMK and I'll PM a link to the wav files.

Thanks in advance for extra set of ears! Eventually I'm going to Spotify the new releases in their new forms, and this is the "pre-release" pilot group part of making sure everything is properly readied to go.



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