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Howdy. I'm a long time musician, first time singer. I just picked up a Shure SM57 at the recommendation of a friend, and after reading a bunch of suggestions online to get a windscreen thingy for vocal use I ordered a Shure A2WS Popper Stopper™ Locking Windscreen as well.

So far, so good, but I'm a little confused by something in http://media.zzound…"]the A2WS instructions[/]="http://media.zzound…"]the A2WS instructions[/]:

IMPORTANT: Note that the setscrew connects to the bushing rather than the microphone body.

As far as I can see, the only thing to be done is to just shove the windscreen over the mic and tighten the screw hard into the mic's exterior casing. Even then the casing is hard and smooth and there's some slippage (hardly the 'locking' effect I was expecting from the product description), plus I'm not very excited about scratching the hell out of it.

I'm not a plumber, and had no idea what a bushing even was until I looked it up:

bush·ing n.

1. A fixed or removable cylindrical metal lining used to constrain, guide, or reduce friction.
2. Electricity. An insulating lining for an aperture through which a conductor passes.
3. An adapter threaded to permit joining of pipes with different diameters.

Was some kind of adapter supposed to be included with the mic or the windscreen? I can't find anything.

I know I'm an idiot and I'm probably overlooking something that's staring me right in the face. Somebody please slap my nose and point at it.

Thanks in advance!

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