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Hello all, I was wondering if any of you good people out there has/or be willing to let me copy the manual for this DAT machine, also I have heard that it has quite a reputation albeit quite an old recorder any info would be greatly recieved


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AudioGaff Thu, 06/16/2005 - 10:42

Give Tascam a call. You can likely buy a manual from them. Don't forget to also get the service manual if you ever plan to have your unit repaired by anyone other than Tascam.

I have a manual, but there is no way I'm going to make a copy of it page for page.

It is a real workhorse DAT recorder/player. Mine still gets used with external converters. It's been about 10-years now with no real problems worth mentioning.

anonymous Thu, 06/16/2005 - 12:52

Thanks for the advice mate, I guess I didnt really expect that anyone would personally copy this manual for me, just hoped that someone may have one kicking around that they no longer need..etc.
I shall try Tascam themselves, its just a little frustrating that I cant find a .pdf on the net, as one seems to be able to get a manual on just about anything these days :?

thanks again AG