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Well we know where Pro Audio is headed!

I would love this as an add-on to my Neos system . Best of both worlds.

API just nailed it. Check this out and listen to the awesome distortion. It sounds partially digital but analog smooth. Interesting mix and sound. If this is the sound of THE BOX, I want one. Perfect combination.

API THE BOX® Project Recording and Mixing Console

Building on API's rich heritage of extremely high-quality recording consoles, THE BOX is a small-format recording/mixing console designed for professional project studios, home studios, and production facilities of all kinds. Optimized for the digital era, THE BOX handles all the functions needed for production not provided by most DAWs, including mic preamps, input signal processing, high-quality mix bus, cue sends with talkback, monitor control, and more, without the redundant capacities of larger consoles. Most importantly, THE BOX provides the legendary "all discrete" API sound in an efficient, cost-effective package.


  • Two (2) input channels with mic/instrument/line preamp, HP filter, & integral 550A EQ
  • Two (2) input channels with mic/instrument/line preamp, HP filter, & 500 slot
  • Two (2) compressors assignable to input channels or program bus with stereo link
  • Sixteen (16) summing channels (20 channels during mix)
  • Stereo program bus with master fader, insert, and external input
  • One (1) stereo and (2) mono auxiliary sends/buses
  • Stereo cue send/bus & headphone system
  • PFL, AFL, and solo-in-place solo modes with stereo solo bus
  • Full-featured monitor section that supports two stereo monitor systems
  • Talkback system
  • Comprehensive rear panel connections with balanced inputs and outputs
  • Integrated power supply

Price: MSRP: $17,995

Link : http://www.apiaudio…"]API - THE BOX - Project Recording and Mixing Console[/]="http://www.apiaudio…"]API - THE BOX - Project Recording and Mixing Console[/]

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audiokid Thu, 10/24/2013 - 09:12

Agree. Something like this is choice together with an independent "more" transparent summing box. This together with the Neos/Dangerous combo. Oh man, my G.A.S. is building.

I'll probably invest in this but it will be second hand so it might be a long wait before something like this pops up used.

The song in this video gets me all cranked up. I love the sound in that. That's exactly what I'm missing but have also been playing around with tube distortion and it can get that similar grit but not as "alive" like what I hear in this. I looking forward to more audio examples.

Loving where Pro Audio is going.

kmetal Fri, 10/25/2013 - 06:08

audiokid, post: 407981 wrote:
Loving where Pro Audio is going.

people/companies are letting things do what they do best. converters converting well, DAW capturing/editing (even some processing) well and quickly, and gear imparting a sound or feel well.

18k msrp, so maybe 12k retail?

i wonder how the advent of the summing console is gonna effect large format control surfaces like the icon. also i wonder if this is the death of the large format tracking console, between the rack stuff and lunchboxs and summing mixer. while the stuff ain't cheap, it's far more approachable than, some vintage console is now, or some large current console. me likey. (i can at least drool right?)

audiokid Fri, 10/25/2013 - 10:20

My approach requires the analog summing core to be as close to a straight wire as possible. So when you are itb, but monitoring otb there is insignificant change between both up until you add a particular process to a track, stem or master ( as close to par). There is an obvious reason why Dangerous Music and SPL (sound performance labs) design high headroom, transparent summing boxes and independent monitor control systems that connect analog to DAW.
Whats more critical in this process is the independent monitoring controllers that connects digital and analog processes. This is overlooked all the time.

Large format consoles cannot compete with this approach. The Box is a step in the right direction but in the bigger picture of hybrid the "all in one" console includes unusable feature detrimental to this process. I would however, use the colour and tracking attributes of THE BOX together as an effect towards more or less API colour. Used, it might be a better deal over buying all the things I would buy individually.
Looking at it from this prospective (process), large format consoles are indeed on the way out.