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In 1969, Automated Processes Incorporated was formed by engineers and musicians who shared a common vision: to create the highest possible quality professional audio gear, and then back it up with excellent customer service. 50 years later, that vision is stronger than ever and remains an integral part of API's extraordinary success.

API releases new "Select" line of gear

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12 years 1 month

Looks like API is offering up some new gear models, including a tube pre, and tube compressor. I was surprised how "reasonable" the prices were, and am particularly interested in the stereo 4 band, parametric equalizer.  Not sure how they sound but API knows good audio, so my expectations are that they are good.

check em out at their site.

Warm Audio announced API 312 style pre amp!

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12 years 1 month
Oh man oh man, this could be good. Fingers crossed. @$1199 it's excellent per channel cost, got input And output xformers, and also an an output knob per channel, which could be useful when not only for good gain staging, but especially if these trannys overdrive pleasantly. Plus the op amps are easily swappable. If I'm dreaming I don't wanna wake up! I hope it sounds as cool as it seems on paper!

Apple iMac New OS X EL Capitan not working with Cubase

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9 years 9 months
Hi Everyone,
Some super frustrating news..
Just updated to El Capitan OS X (That's when this problem started)

The Problem:
- No audio output being sent to my Apogee Symphony system even when routing is correct.
- When I go to record I get the error "ASIO Driver not running" from Cubase and no audio track begins to play or lay, just silence.
- Audio from iTunes and Spotify work though, that's how I know this is a Cubase and El Capitan issue.

Everything is up to date, updated driver for the Symphony System, updated Cubase.

Classic PULTEC PASSIVE EQS with API 2520 makeup gain stage

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21 years
Particularity on the Pulse Techniques EQP 1A3 . Not interested in other clones.
I'm addicted to Pultec's this month and want to know how sweet the high end is on the SS compared to the tube version?

I know you are looking for opinions on these or have some if you are here.

I have 2 MEQ-5's tubes and love them. I use them together with the Millennia NSEQ-4. The high end on the NSEQ is crazy sweet, it is SS.
This takes care of the master bus sweetness while the MEQ's take care of mids.

I want to upgrade an input of my Roland Vs2480... With an api 205 di

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12 years 10 months
1. Can I use the api 205 direct input module as a stand alone input?.. Granted i buy the chasse with the power supply... will turning down the input level of the VS2480, and turning up the gain on the api 205L be super effective? or not....

[=""]VS-2480: Digital Studio Workstation | Roland U.S.[/]="…"]VS-2480: Digital Studio Workstation | Roland U.S.[/]

API - The Box

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21 years
Well we know where Pro Audio is headed!

I would love this as an add-on to my Neos system . Best of both worlds.

API just nailed it. Check this out and listen to the awesome distortion. It sounds partially digital but analog smooth. Interesting mix and sound. If this is the sound of THE BOX, I want one. Perfect combination.

Help me with an experiment (API 525 content)

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11 years 6 months
I am going to undertake an experiment, and I need the help of knowledgeable people. In return, I will share my results freely in another thread for all to use. So if you contribute, you stand to gain something. Perhaps a perfect recreation of the API525, perhaps an imperfect one, but most assuredly, a new idea on how to achieve the sounds of your dreams.

This is a big promise to make to experienced engineers. But I will try. I will do my best. And I will keep my ego in check.

Warm Audio - WA12 Microphone Preamp 312 Style (API SSL NEVE AVALON)

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9 years 4 months

I wanted to introduce a new 312 style mic pre to the forum. The Warm Audio WA12 is completely discrete with custom wound USA made Cinemag transformers, 71db's of gain and high headroom. I've sold 8 channels of this design to a Neve console owner in Florida at a much higher price, it is the real deal. Though the price tag suggests otherwise, this is not a budget or sub-pro piece of gear, it hangs right along side pres with much loftier price tags.

Things that make the preamp noteworthy/unique: