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I bought a Beyer M55 microphone.

It has a DIN (3 pin) connector & I want to make a Din to XLR adapter.
Which pin of the DIN is ground, cold & warm ?

Thank you

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RemyRAD Fri, 02/22/2008 - 02:23

Ummmm, now I should know this one.

Being a dumb American..... I believe it is the same as the XLR, but synapses are not reliable with what I've ingested at 5:21 a.m.. That being pin 1 is Shield/ground. Pin 2 is +hi. Pin 3 is -low. And that's not a DIN but a Tuchle (I don't think I got that spelling right? Tuchel? Yeah, one of those.)

Then take a microphone of known phase such as a SM57 and plug both microphones in. Set your panoramic potentiometers to 12 o'clock high. Put both microphones capsules as close together as possible and make sure that you get a nice warm fat sound when both are on. If it sounds really thin? Reverse pin2 & pin3.

Live dangerously. You really can't go too wrong
Ms. Remy Ann David

Boswell Fri, 02/22/2008 - 03:01

You have to be a little bit careful with the wiring on the klein Tuchel connectors, as there was meant to be a standard but not all mics adhered to it. Hinton Instruments has a good site about which mic takes what and they also make adapting cables. However, the M55 is not mentioned!

Generally, as Remy got round to saying, pins 1,2,3 go to the corresponding numbers on the other connector.


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