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The M7 upgrade will be a for cost hardware upgrade.

We are developing two new products. One will be a lower cost product that we are calling the M200, while the other will be our flagship M7 upgrade.

The M200 will have about 5x the computing resource of a 3 ghhz I7 processor while the M7 upgrade will have about 15x the computing resource of a 3 ghz I7 processor.

The M200 will be a rock and roll all out analog only never heard before effects reverb, while the M7 upgrade will include the digital version of the M200 and a never to be proceeded real space emulation.

The M200 uses a unique pitch algorithm for dozens of voices of delay slash reverb that will never be duplicated.

The M7 upgrade provides all of that but also takes the M200 basis and uses it in reverse to create time delay modulation without pitch modulation to create the most realistic space emulation that will likely ever be created.



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