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A singer says she has a very loud voice & thinks this will cause problems when she comes to record in my studio.

I have a Nuemann TLM 103, an AKG Solidtube, a Sennheiser 421, a Shure SM57 and a kick drum/Tuba/bass mic

Does anyone reading this think it really could be a problem?

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anonymous Thu, 06/03/2004 - 16:15

Re: Pad

Kerouacgal wrote: A pad is a button on your mixer or a little switch on your microphone that cuts down on your input sometimes as much as 10db. You'll notice that is sounds like sometime just turned down the input volume.
It is very helpful for when instruments or vocalists are very "loud"

They're usually 10 db on mic's. Pad's on pre-amps (either on the console or outboard) are usually 20 db.

anonymous Thu, 06/03/2004 - 17:23

the solidtube is the only one on that list with a pad, it's 10db, located on the side about the middle of the mic. however, i wouldn't use a solidtube on female vocals. for what it's worth, the 103 will outshine those other mics, but they are prone to clipping a little early because they're so sensitive. in that case, simply back the mic up a couple of feet. remember that if you double the distance from the mic to the source, you're dropping the audio level by 6 db.