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Any singing recording app?

Hey guys! I've been singing professionally for more than 15 years and I finally decided to start my TikTok profile with singing covers, etc. However, I noticed that it' still better to have your vocals pre-recorded than singing it live. I don't have any professional microphone, but I heard that you can get a pretty decent recording just using your smartphone.

New singer trying to understand the process

Hey everyone. I am new to this forum. I have just been in a pro recording studio for the second time and my tracks have come back obviously compressed and sounding dull sound wise and fairly quiet... Do you know what I have to be saying back to the studio to get a louder, crisper sound? I know I am capable of a good, strong, crystal clear vocal so I am wondering why I sound crushed and dull.

Mic stands for standing singer or sitting speaker


Just getting started but trying not to waste any money.

I'm looking at K&M mic stands. Should I be going for a fixed or telescopic boom? Shorter stand and longer boom or the other way round?

I will generally be recording either a standing singer or a seated speaker.

The specifications of the models I'm considering are as follows: