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New singer trying to understand the process

Hey everyone. I am new to this forum. I have just been in a pro recording studio for the second time and my tracks have come back obviously compressed and sounding dull sound wise and fairly quiet... Do you know what I have to be saying back to the studio to get a louder, crisper sound? I know I am capable of a good, strong, crystal clear vocal so I am wondering why I sound crushed and dull. What have they done?

Symptom of the Universe and Dazed and Confused Cover - Singer needs a mix!

Metal Brothers/Sisters and fans of heavy music

I'm new and I need your help! I'm a young singer from Switzerland. Though I know how to sing, I really don't know how to mix and master the records.
Beside my band I'm working on a project where I cover a few songs and I need someone who wants to mix my vocals.
Feel free to mix the uploaded songs.
They're "Symptom of the Universe" by Black Sabbath and "Dazed and Confused" by Led Zeppelin.

How to master a folk singer/guitarist?

Hi all,

Just joined; my first post. I'm hoping for some remastering advice on this project. I've done loads of recording, but this only once before. There's 11 songs, all live off the floor.

All the raw files are now perfectly edited, and sonically, it's as good as I can make it. There's 2 channels only; 1 acoustic gtr (bridge pickup), 1 vox (Shure SM57). The original master is a Portastudio cassette tape from 1986. But it has great potential. I have loads of great tools at my disposal, just not much clue what to do.

operatic concert singer - distance mics


Hi all

I would like to record a bass singer, there will be a piano. I wanted to record live. I have only 1 microphone currently which is a Audio Tech 33a. I can buy 2 cheap condenser mics to complete the setup, these will all go into my little mixing desk which has 48v PP.

I was planning to mount the 2 mics in some kind of XY at one end of the medium sized room where I am recording, then position a third mic in the centre. Pan the 2 stereo mics left and right and the 3rd mic centre.

My question is:

Any tips for a terrible singer?

Hi everyone,

I will prefix this post by letting you know that I have a terrible voice.

Basically I am after any techniques or effects to hide, as best as possible, the obvious pitfalls in my singing ability.

[youtube:399145e8e4]…] In this song, for example, you can tell that the singer isn't technically gifted, but I love how he sounds. Any ideas on how to make a similar effect?



Creating a gravel voice?

Ok I'm not sure if this is quite the right place for this, but i've scoured the net for this one to no avail, how do i make my voice gravelly raspy?

Now I'm a personal trainer in my real life so I'm not going to be taking up smoking, that being said I'm happy to permanently alterscardamage my vocal cords for the gravel. Also things I've already tried: gargling salt, gargling lemon juice, gargling whisky, shouting heaps and singing all day...

any thoughts?

Mic stands for standing singer or sitting speaker


Just getting started but trying not to waste any money.

I'm looking at K&M mic stands. Should I be going for a fixed or telescopic boom? Shorter stand and longer boom or the other way round?

I will generally be recording either a standing singer or a seated speaker.

The specifications of the models I'm considering are as follows:

Stand: 900-1605mm
Boom: 840mm
Weight: 3.2kg

Stand: 900-1605mm
Boom: 460-770mm
Weight: 3.2kg

Stand: 925-1630mm



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