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Don't feed the TROLLS

RO is becoming the primer site of it's kind on the internet. All you need to do to confirm that is to look at the rash of "TROLL" postings in the past few weeks.

By placing posts that are redundant and stupid in nature, asking and answering their own questions and intentionally using bad langauge skills, these individuals attempt to spoil the "RO experience" for the rest of the community . or at least, present the server with additional bandwidth demands ...

PLEASE be served notice,
I am going to simply delete these posts from now on ... if you contribute to these threads, do not be upset when they are deleted. I will be starting with any posts or threads posted by identified troll, "Walters" regardless of whether the content has something to offer or not, . but I will not limit myself to only those. Anything that looks "whack" is out . it's time to clean house so everyone can enjoy themselves without undue distractions.


Treena Foster Wed, 05/18/2005 - 10:16

NO! Kurt is RO- Administration............

walters wrote: Your a control Freak

Judging people calling them trolls is wrong when they are

not even trolls

walters, Kurt is not a control freak, he's one of RO's administrators and he has the authority to decide when enough, is enough.

Post a topic, debate that topic with forum members instead of debating the member and you'll have no problems on this site. We welcome strong, passionate dicussions but, flame wars, personal insults, attacks on individuals who do not agree with you are not tolerated.

You appear to be a reasonable person, abide by these guidelines and you'll have no problems with anyone here at RO, including Kurt!


audiokid Wed, 05/18/2005 - 11:54

Sadly,we waste more time with this member but now have an example on what we don't keep in our database.

Walters month history seem to attract a constant negativity around him. Sometimes we see a member like this stir the pot with rediculas topics in hope to attract others like him. They waste our moderators and members time over and over to a point where eventually Admin is notified and the demise begins.

Sometimes these members even sign up under many different people so a topic looks like they have a group of alies all agreeing or arguing with them. More can be read on this subject by googleing "Interent Trolls".

If a member can't conduct themselves in a professional manner, like all quality public area's, we eventually encourage them to move on to one of the many less tolerable places in the world.

Recording Org waste's no time with people hoping to change our policies. We don't welcome or store personal issues here. We are focused only with quality music related information and how to long term organize all the thousands of pro audio topics entered in each month. Trolls, personal issues, flame wars, name calling, trouble makers etc are deleted everytime. If you share one of these then expect to be removed sooner or later.