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I am the associate pastor of a church. Someone is offering to donate a 32 channel DDA mixer to us. It was reportedly bought new for $16K. I must admit that I am not familiar with the brand. Can someone enlighten me? Although our equipment desperately needs upgrading I don't want saddled with someone's old gear if it isn't worth having. Thanks for your help.


anonymous Fri, 01/14/2005 - 13:57

Yes, the DDA consoles are great consoles(IMHO). I used to work with a sound company some years past, that used the DDA consoles. I can't remember the model though. The same people that owned DDA ,has now built and started another company, "Audient". If you want some backgound on the designers, etc. go to What model DDA is it? IS it the CSC series? (I think) Hope this help! :D

AudioGaff Sat, 01/15/2005 - 00:43

DDA consoles are real good sounding, as well as professinal units with true channel strips and were usually found in mid level studios back when there used to be a market for mid level studios. Not to be confused with lower end stuff like the Ghost, Mackie or anything like that. But keep in mind that once you get a console at this level, there are going to be maintenance issues and being able to get parts and qualified servcie is something to consider.

LittleDogAudio Sat, 01/15/2005 - 08:56

Yep, the DDA stuff is quite nice for the $$$.
The one thing I would be aware of is the power supply. It will be the one thing that, when it breaks, will stop everything.

Having a bad channel here and there is par for the course with older consoles, but they usually won't stop you dead in your tracks like a bad power supply.

Just keep the phone # of a good tech handy, just in case.

Hope this helps,



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