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Walker audio consoles

Hi everyone new to this site. Had seen people talking about Walker or earlier version Pulsar consoles. One person was I believe was Sky. I know quite a lot about Walker as I have an 80 Series 32x8x8 and a 24 x8 monitor console. Both are in pristine condition. The 80 Series has at the time the 5 way fully sweepable eq, not many consoles had this option as it was towards the end of production.

Advanced technical analog console questions.


I have some pretty Advanced technical analog console questions if anyone of you guys know the answer please help me out!

When your signal hits a analog channel on a console.

1) Does it hit the capacitors that are in the console first? and then the signal hits what ever hardware you have on your inserts? or is it after?

Toft ATB console pres really hot all of a sudden?

HI all,
yesterday I was Micing up a drum kit and for the 1st time all the pres on my TOft ATB console are really hot. For the over heads and front of kit, along with others, the pres are all the way down and even had to lower the channel fader to reduce the level. they sound fine, there just really hot.

Using a power amp/mixer as just a power amp for a mixing console?

I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but I couldn't find a better one. I was hoping someone could clarify some questions I have about setting up a PA system for my home studio. I recently acquired a Peavey XM6 amplifier/mixer and we've been running it through an 80 watt Behringer wedge. We have a set of Yamaha PA speakers that are on their way this week.