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Does anyone work in tv promo/trailer? Help pls...

Hi everyone, I realise it's probably very bad form to make my first post one that asks for help, but I've been lurking here for some time and you guys seem really generous.

Ok, creeping over!

I'm a London based voiceover talent. Been in the business for 25 years. My agent has suggested that I get a showreel together for tv promo work. I have a pretty good set up here and I can take care of the production ok, but what I could really use is some good copy and dialogue clips.

I'm wondering if anyone works in the field of tv promo or movie trailer production, who might be kind enough to let me pinch some material for a very small run, limited edition promo reel that will only be heard in the UK? I would re-write the copy to make it more British, but many American shows run on cable here.

Ideally, maybe someone has got a "mix-minus" or two that you could share, ie music and fx without voiceover?

Any genre would be good; movies, drama, comedy, sports.

If I can possibly do you a favour in return, then please name it and claI'm it.

Thanks in advance