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After a successful time with Kontakt player, I decided to go for this package, which seems to be on everlasting sale, and frankly, I wasn't expecting much as I don't have much use for modern stuff - and the collection is packed with synths and drum machines and weird sounds. However there were enough things I'd find useful so I went for it. 115GB later, I thought I'd have a go. My type of music is usually more traditional - for video and stage stuff, plus even odder music for dance. I found it even had church organs, and some useful string stuff - and I even managed to blend in some absynth sounds. Steep learning curve.

I guess most folk here will hate the kind of music these pieces are - so I added in some other Kontakt stuff for another stage track I'm working on - but I can't quite get the vocoder to blend properly. Anyone good with vocoders especially on this song.

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kmetal Tue, 07/31/2018 - 20:30

the stuff all sounds good paul. ive personally avoided Kontact since i would spend my life fishing through all the available stuff cherry picking. thats why i opted for a few brands and collections and called it 'just about done'. i will say you seemed to have found some diamonds in rough. i can highly recommend UVI if your looking for sampled vintage hardware (vs hardware emulated) stuff. ive got several of their collections which include anything from the fairlight to a triton, to a moog. all sampled then mastered (some at sterling sound nyc). anyway looks like ya done good sir! even tho my screename is kmetal, i enjoy anything from classical to jazz to blues, to e;electronica. theres good music everywhere-somewhere.

hows the cpu usage on your kontact collection.??

paulears Wed, 08/01/2018 - 00:22

I've not had any CPU glitches for ages now - and I tend to run separate instances of most VSTis - even if they support multiple parallel instruments, I just use the first slot. This is on Cubase 9.5 pro - on 8.5 I'd occasionally get a glitch, but they seem to have changed how resources are managed and there seems now to be no need to worry - even with things like Spitfire Albion - where the string samples take an age to even load. Once loaded, there are no issues. In fact, glitches are such a rarity, I no longer even have the performance monitor window open. I did load all the available instruments to my hard drive, just in case - but finding things is now going to be quite a stretch for the brain, but luckily most of my needs are straightforward.
The collection I now have has alternatives - the choir sounds I used on the ELO track come from Olympus, but the ones in the Kontakt collection are nice to add too. That organ thing just came from hearing the sample when going through them - never really thought about an organ track - so I suspect that having more to easily try changes what you produce. I collaborate on projects with a really good pianist, who rarely uses anything other than a piano, while I do the opposite - no point me even trying to be a pianist. We have a brief. Today's is "Rabbits on a sunny bank, happily munching carrots. 4/4 120-130bpm 2:45 - 3:00". No ideas yet!