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Kontakt 6 Alternatives

I have an older Mac and Kontakt 4. I've since upgraded my OS to the highest level my Mac can handle which is 10.11. That OS is too high for Kontakt 4 and Kontakt 6 (the latest) needs 10.12 which my Mac can't go to.

What alternatives bundles are there for Kontakt 6 where it would have pianos, organs, brass and strings? Or - is there a place to buy Kontakt 5?

Kontakt Komplete 11

After a successful time with Kontakt player, I decided to go for this package, which seems to be on everlasting sale, and frankly, I wasn't expecting much as I don't have much use for modern stuff - and the collection is packed with synths and drum machines and weird sounds. However there were enough things I'd find useful so I went for it. 115GB later, I thought I'd have a go.

Still very confused... Mach 5 or Kontakt 2... ideas?

I am waiting on my copy of kontakt 2. i am not to familiar with either kontakt 2 or mach 5.

here is my situation:
G5 dual 1.8 2GB Ram 2nd drive for audio 7200RPM SATA

digital performer 4.5 and uad card

which runs with more stability? which is a better sounding unit? any feedback would be of great help.