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me, in their studios?

hello everyone,

lets say that an independent record company abroad contacts to say they want to include one of your songs in a collection cd(you do dance music with vocals). what hapens next?
do you go to the companys studios abroad to have your song polished(maybe record the vocals again) and with their help get the sound they are looking for, or does something else happen?


Thomas W. Bethel Thu, 09/28/2006 - 04:57
Also I would point out that there are a lot of SCAMS going on right now where bands are contacted to provide a song or two for a compilation in or other uses and then the band finds out that their are no royalties or other payments and that they just signed away the rights to their song for, excuse the pun, a song. A lot of foreign countries do not have have reciprocal arrangements with the USA on copyright or publishing and once you have signed over your rights you have no recourse. If in doubt run the document past a good entertainment lawyer. PLEASE BE CAREFUL the music business is a large swamp filled with all the usual critters. I gave my business lawyer a copy of a music contact once and he said and I quote "what fool would sign this?" "it has more holes than a piece of Swiss cheese and everything is done to favor the record company"

Member Thu, 09/28/2006 - 08:16
>>Also I would point out that there are a lot of SCAMS going on right now
Indeed. And while we are talking about it, beware of those 'publishing" companies that will license your music to TV/Film, etc...

I know it sounds tempting to most people who are starting out but, if you read one of those contracts (I have read a few from friends or newbies who want my opinion) and in each case teh contract deprived the artist/songwriter of ANY say as to the nature of the publishing/licensing agreement secured, nor the length of such. Also, in all cases, there was no minimum amount stipulated which means they could legally license your song to a sister company for near ZERO (of which you'll get 50%) and then, the 'sister' company RE-licenses it for the REAL amount and you get NOTHING!