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this is a noob question, but why can I not change the voices on a MIDI file played back through the Triton, but I can change them in software (i.e., In CoolEdit or HomeStudio)? I realize this is a broad question with a lot of factors, but I've done as much research as I can. Thanks for any help.

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AudioGaff Sun, 02/06/2005 - 19:16

What research have you done?

Read the Triton manual. I'm quite sure it is in there, you just don't know where. You might even have to edit the file while loaded into the Triton. Contact Korg customer support. Call and ask someone in the keys department of Guitar Center. They should at least know that.

anonymous Sun, 02/06/2005 - 19:31

Thanks for the reply. As for research, I've done this much (besides RTFM's):

I created a 3 track midi file for testing purposes and using HomeStudio 2004 altered track 3 so it comes in sooner. Then I placed it back on the Korg and loaded only the MIDI (not the PCG's etc.).

Now, even though it plays back the MIDI with the 3rd track coming in sooner, it no longer allows me to change the voicings; they act like they are "locked" somehow. The MIDI file, before being altered by HomeStudio, did not do this: I was able to change the voicings like normal.

I think this might be a software issue, but I thought MIDI is MIDI and there's no way to customize the data in software to make it "unreadable".


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