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Recording midi with Williams Allegro III?

Hey so Iv been having issues trying to use this allegro electric piano as a midi board. Now online it does say that you don’t need any software to make it compatible. Iv got it connected to my computer with a usb-b and it detects it but when I go into my daw(reaper) It Doesn’t show up in the midi controller

Beacon Midi - A unique iOS app for live and studio applications

Beacon Midi is an iOS app that automates midi controls by the proximity value of a beacon BLE device.
The fields of application are various. From live-theater to studio recording applications.
It connects to any DAW application and sends midi values to midi controllers.
Easy to configure.

MIDI Keyboard with no velocity Question

Hi all, i just picked up a crappy bottom of the line midi keyboard to suit my broke ass recording needs and obviously the keyboard has no velocity control, when you hit a key, no matter how hard, it comes out the same volume, when recording in pro tools, is there a way to semi mimic the velocity of a piano or midi effect?

MIDI Sample Pad to use with SP404 sx

Does anyone know of any sample pad devices that I can connect to my SP-404sx. The idea is to use this sample pad to trigger sounds from the SP-404sx.

The sample pad doesn't need to have the capacity to hold sounds, it just needs to be able to be used to control the SP404s pads via MIDI.

Ive seen the Sp404 controlled by MIDI here: