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The amount of equipment I am getting in my room seems to be getting out of control... I need to organise it... does anyone know of a set of shelves with the shelves angled so I can use my equipment better... most of my equipment seems to be of tabletop design... i.e. Fostex FD-4 & V-Amp II...

Is there an advantage to using rack equipment, other than it is tidier... the tabletop stuff always seems more user friendly to me... rack equipment seems to have less buttons on, does this mean I have to spend ages navigating menus and stuff?

So what is better? Rack or Tabletop?

x matt x


pr0gr4m Fri, 04/21/2006 - 10:35
Well, tabletop devices require that you have tabletop space. If you find that you are running out of it, you could use a rack and install rack shelves and put the tabletop devices on them. You could use sliding shelves or regular non-moving shelves.

In my rack I installed a shelf backwards on the bottom space so that it sticks out and I have various stomp boxes on it for easy access.