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dBTechnologies IEM 1100 Mono opinions


I'm in between buying and IEM so i need some opinions!

I am a singer, and like all the good stuff that this thing could bring to my bands live show!

I was looking at the dBTechnologies IEM 1100 Mono unit!

Any opinions, good, bad?
What do you normally would choose, SHURE, Sennheiser, Mono, Stereo, Which headphone's

Thanks a million!


Kev Fri, 01/27/2006 - 18:54
Budget is a big factor here.

and just because you have transmitter and a receiver with a set of buds ... doesn't make a system.

we do need more info as to what will be required.

A simple Samson Personal Monitor is great for a small rehearsal but doesn't make for a complex system in a metal band.

anonymous Sat, 01/28/2006 - 02:21
I intend to play a lot and use it a lot! Rehersals, live playing concerts, venues :D

I need a reliable equipment, and good soundig!

And i doubt that i could go wrong with the shure!
However the Db IEM 1100 is said to be very good piece of equipment on the market especially if youa are on a tight budget!

SHURE PSM 200 - 600€
Db IEM 1100 - 350€

Since i will be the only one in the band using it, and since i am a guitarist also, i dont intend to use wireless mice, i could grab the mono thing which has a fixed frequency!

They say it is almost unreal for 2 UHF devices to interfere with eash other, even thought they have both fixed frequencies! Offcourse not the same one!

So shoudl i really even consider the models with 16 channels of UHF frequencies?

And also, the mono vs. stereo!
HAve tried stereo on a normal setup, without in ear wireless. From the mixer to a behringer Powerplay 8 channel headphone preamp distribution!
Did not liek it!
Left right.....
It was horrible feling, it distracted me a lot!

So i went mono, and it was great. Now i can mix with both ears covered or jsut oone, and still hear the same!
the difference is, i am way more flexible, i can still hear stufff on the stage!

What are your expirience with custom ear-moulds?

I think of going for one, although on the other hand i tried to get the little sony MDX-71 with sillicon rings on the end, to fall out, headbanging, moving my head really quick, really fast.....Way faster tha i woudl do it for real.. and they did not move for an inch!

Kev Sat, 01/28/2006 - 02:46
now I like the left right thing to help separate the mix
main stuff down the middle but the extra down the sides ... you can keep them low but still hear them.

As for 16 freq
well you don't need it ... until you need it

I would say that since this is your first venture into IEM
you are the only user in the band :wink:

then cheap is possible

A name brand will give good replacement possibilities and good hire possibilities if you ever find you need something in a hurry.

My BIG tip is that
a SENSATIONAL peak limiter makes all the difference and gives the Monitor Engineer some scope for slight errors without stuffing your right up.

This Peak Limiter and Level Rider could cost more than your IEM system.

... and then comes the Doctor Fitted Moulded Ears

anonymous Sat, 01/28/2006 - 15:10
Thanks for that info!

I will look into it more!

I am a bit worried that i wont get THE soundn i woudl wnat to really have a good time on stage!

I am also worried what will happen the first time we wont have enough time to do the sound check good enough!

THe limiter stuff you are mentioning is so true!!!!

But i think for now i will go for the cheap one!
See what happens! Hopefully i will need bigger and better ones, you knwo playing on the new Wembley arena....

cfaalm Fri, 02/03/2006 - 07:00
Did you buy it?

I have the dB 2200 IEM. We all use IEM in our band, two of us wireless and the other two (drummer and keyboardplayer) wired.

I did not use the buds that came with the system. They might be OK for your mp3 player, though. We bought Sennheiser IE-3s and one of us has the Shure E-3. What's even more important: we had ear-plastics tailor made to the inside shape of our ears. A lot of the quality of of your IEM mix depends on the isolation you get from outside sources.

The better the isolation the lower you can keep the volume. That's a goal with IEM, to get rid of deafening floor monitors. A better isolation usually shows itself in a fuller sound (better bass response and such).

The limiter is already on the IEM 2200, though we have also put a limiter on the monitor mix, just to be safe.

anonymous Fri, 02/10/2006 - 16:08
Great post cfaalm, thanks!

So much more to ask you!

How exactly do you have your mix setup if using stereo? I am now thinking about making it stereo even! Mono is reall ok, but now that you mentioned i am thinking about making it really stereo,, stuff i dont need so much panned left ot right, and then myself anf the guitar in the middle!


Is the IEM a good choice then? How mcuh did you paid for them?
What about the headphones? Sennheiser's or shure'
How much did you pay for the ear moulds?

How do you setup the monitor desk?

And do you gig with it?
If so, what kind? What do you play? How many in the band?

And i am not obsessed!
Sorry for so much questions!


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