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I found an Aria Pro 2 guitar with a Roland Pickup, and the GR-33 synth - I've panned the room sound to one channel and the synth to the other. Not really sure on this one, but I think it dates to the late 90s, and has a truly uninspiring set of very odd sounds.


audiokid Fri, 05/06/2022 - 08:03

You are not only a good musician but you are comical tool! I enjoyed the teasers of you playing. Can you play Classical Gas? I’ve always wanted to learn it. Maybe one day. 😊

I remember lurking around the music store and seeing this. Glad I didn't buy it lol!

I used to own an ARP Avatar back in the 70's so I can relate to having experienced sloppy monophonic guitar synths. That was an expensive lesson on guitar synths. They were pretty bad but still fun back in the day.

Very entertaining video. 👍🏼


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