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I debated on whether to put this in the Pro Audio or Pro Recording Forum... pretend it's in both.

Let me preface this post with this: Yes, I did join this forum with the intention to get feedback from an audio engineering community on a particular project of mine. I'm not really a forum person, and I hope to not offend anyone by starting a whole new thread about this. I have enjoyed interacting on these forums (though my input has been pretty sparse) and will continue to do so.

And now for some self-promotion!

A buddy and I have created a website called [=""]Signal Chains[/]="http://signalchains…"]Signal Chains[/]. You can probably deduce what the purpose of the site is by the name, but I'll tell you anyway.
Signal Chains is based around the creation of Chains, each of which require an input source, preamp, and an audio file. Add in optional things like dynamics processors, equalizers, effects processors, and converters, and you end up with something like this.

The purpose of the site is to share recordings you've done with specific gear, document the process, and for others to learn how different gear can affect the sound of things. Of course gear isn't the only factor, and there are endless threads about that, but I think you can gain something by listening to samples.

Audio uploads are 16 bit, 44.1khz. The files are converted to MP3 and Ogg for quick listening purposes in the inline player, but the original high quality file is available to download.

Anyone can add gear after they search through the current database. If you're curious about a certain piece of gear, its own gear page is home to a community ranking, comments, and a list of chains it is involved in.

It's free, anyone can sign up, yadda yadda yadda. I'd love your feedback on it: if you find it useful, things you'd like to see, problems you have, etc. I hope this can be a tool for everyone, especially when creating [[url=http://="http://recording.or…"]threads comparing gear[/]="http://recording.or…"]threads comparing gear[/].

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